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Let us take you on a journey you will never forget…”


“The world has been waiting for this day.

We’ve done it not only for the world but for Cuba,

to show the world baseball is baseball.”

Yoandy Garlobo


We will take you
on a real insight into Cuba’s
People, Culture & Food.
Most included and best prices.

Bob Older – Creative Travel

Our Cuba Trips

Most extensive programs available.

Small Groups 4-6 people on many – 6-12 on average.

4, 5, 8 and 12-day programs available.

Award Winning Travel Agency.

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We pay commissions.

Our Numbers


Amount of money minimum we save many travelers on Cuba Trip


Client Satisfaction


Average number of travelers on each trip


Minute flight time from MIA to Habana


Years in business


percent of people who came back with better understanding of Cuba


Percentage of restaurants we go to in Cuba that are privately owned


Only company providing an insight into Cuba's people, culture & food.


We offer great interaction with Cuban people and sights


From Hemingway’s House to privately owned businesses & restaurants

From incredible history & architecture  to the warmth of the people & the flavors of the food


We take you on a journey that you can see, hear, feel & taste.


Tour Themes

All of our tours are focused on food and Cuba’s Culture.

We have some of the most unique interaction with Cuban people.

We can add a variety of themes to our program and bring in

locals to interact with for each special theme.


We will interact with local birders and see some amazing birds including the Emerald Bee Hummingbird, the Cuban Tocororo, Woodpeckers and so many more.


We will take you to some amazing places and work with some of the best local photogs to create some picturesque and amazing interactions and memories.


We will have our regular program enhanced by locals to take and work with you to see the beautiful underwater parts of Cuba


 We can customize your program to include the synagogues and Jewish cemeteries of Cuba among other interactions.

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Above are just some of the program themes we can add to our food-related interactive tour bringing together the Cuban people and Americans to build a better future and have some memorable interactions with each. We can provide several other programs and themes to fit into our very extensive program.

An amazing trip, I will never forget. Thank you Creative Travel!

So much added and a great price. I have such a different understanding about Cuba now.

Jeff S – New York

Join us to Cuba

Take a look at some of the things you may see on Creative Travel’s Cuba Trips.  A real insight into Cuba’s people, culture & food.

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FAQsCreative Travel is proud to offer all of these great experiences at one of the best prices of anyone. We pride ourselves in offering the best value for the price. Below or answers to some of the post popular questions. Feel free to call 302-658-2900 with other questions
What is included in Creative Travel's Cuba trips?
Pretty much everything from Miami or Tampa on. We include the airfare from Miami or Tampa. We include almost all meals (several with beverages). We include the Visa, Cuban health insurance, letter of authorization, all hotels, interactions, visitations and touring. The only things we really don’t include are gratuities, up to 2 meals in most cases, cancellation/travel insurance and personal purchases.
What size are the group you take?
We have taken from 2 to 80 but most of our groups are small.  We specialize in 4-6 guests but will do 8-12 on average.  Anyone with a family or group of 4-6 people can selects their own dates and pick one of our programs for a more private experience. 
How do you offer smaller, more private groups at much lower prices than most others?
That answer is simple.  We don’t gouge people.  We offer a much more extensive program than many with more people to people interaction and at a price that could save you $500-$1500 per person simply because we don’t add as much profit as most people.  The answer really is that simple.  We all have to follow the same guideline (at least we follow them), we all have the same Federal per-diem restrictions, we all have to offer similar experiences. The biggest difference is the money the put into their pockets. 
Is Cuba safe?
Yes.  Cuba has one of the lowest crime rates anywhere and the country is very safe to be in even at night.  I feel safer there than sometime in some of our own big cities or neighborhoods here in the States. 
Do they like Americans over there?
Yes, very much.  With many of the past restrictions for Cubans to travel lifted, many now have come to the USA and love our people and country, though they are very proud of today’s Cuba and the many changes that have happened there and they look forward to the future there (Hopefully with better relations with America). .
Can we bring back cigars or other items?
Under the current US embargo Americans may bring back $100 worth of cigars and/or rum. Americans may also bring back things that are handmade of art, books, video, music, and things of that nature. 

Let Creative Travel Take you on an

insight into cuba’s people, culture & Food:

I promise you will have an amazing journey.

Bob Older

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